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Setting Up Your Foodzilla Account

New to Foodzilla? Learn how to set up your account.
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Setup your profile

You can update your details and upload your profile picture from the "Profile" tab. Seeing your face may help your clients feel more comfortable communicating online :) You can also access your profile by clicking your name at the top left corner, and then clicking on "Profile". In this menu, you can access resources such as Video Tutorials and How-To Guides. At the bottom, you can see the software version you're currently running and when it was last updated by the Foodzilla team. You are able to update the following details: - Your company name - Your full name - Country - Display Picture - City You're also able to see your subscription details and update your subscription plan or cancel it. Furthermore, your billing details page also allows you to update your card details and access your invoices. Upload your picture You can either use a generic male/female avatar or upload your own picture. This will be reflected in the web platform and in the mobile app for your clients. Your clients will feel more comfortable seeing your face in the app when communicating with you. To upload a custom photo, click on the photo icon (the one on the right), otherwise, click on any other avatar to choose it. Note: You are not able to update the email address. Once you save your changes, the updated profile will be reflected in the Foodzilla platform and in the mobile app for all your clients. Your profile picture will be shown in the chat section of the mobile app as shown below. If you have any questions or need help, contact us at any time by clicking on the green chat bubble. Set your preferences Set your preferred units such as kilojoules instead of calories, imperial units (lb, feet, in) instead of metric (kg, cm), your preferred day for the start of the week (Sun, Mon, Tue...etc), your preferred RDI source (uk, us, nz, au), and your preferred default food composition database (us, uk, nz, au). To do that, go to your Profile page and then click on Preferences. After that, select your preferred units and click on "Update Profile".

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

Apply Your Custom Branding

In Foodzilla, you have the power to establish your unique brand identity, ensuring your business stands out to clients. You can infuse your own style into the platform, mobile app, meal plan PDFs and recipe PDFs, and emails (sent from our platform) through these customization options: 1. Logo Integration: Display your logo prominently on all main screens for instant brand recognition. 2. Colour Customization: Select your brand's colour palette to ensure consistency in your mobile app, emails, and meal plan PDFs, aligning them with your brand's aesthetics. 3. Web Links: Seamlessly integrate links to your website, online courses, and blog, prominently showcasing them within the mobile app. 4. Mobile App Icon (Coming Soon): You'll soon have the option to customize the mobile app icon, further solidifying your brand identity. With these customization features, you can establish a consistent and engaging brand presence for your clients. Here's an example: Setting Up To get started, click on the "Branding" tab. This feature is only available on the Starter and Professional plans and is included as part of your trial account. The mobile app branding is only available on the Professional plan. Email and PDF branding is available on both the Starter and Professional plans. From there, you can choose your own primary color and upload your logo. Once you've set up your branding, the changes will be immediately applied to your clients using the Foodzilla mobile app and web platform. Let's describe what each of these fields means: - Primary Color: This is the main color that will unify the look and feel of the mobile app. This primary color will be used for buttons, links, and various components throughout the app. You can select your brand color using the color wheel or by entering the color hex code directly. - Logo: Upload your logo by clicking the "upload logo" button. Ensure your logo has a wide aspect ratio (2:1 or 3:1 is recommended) and works well with a white background, as this is how it will be displayed in the mobile app. The updated logo will also be visible on the platform (top left corner) and in printed meal plans. - Web Links: Configure web links that can direct users to various online destinations, such as your website, blog, recommended products, meal plan PDF links, or any other web address of your choice. You can add multiple links, all of which will be accessible in the "Me" profile tab within the mobile app. How Does It Work? Once you've customized these settings, the changes will be applied to your client's mobile app and your web platform. Your clients simply need to download the app and log in, and it instantly aligns with your brand. Any future updates to your brand settings will also be reflected automatically for all your clients. Should you have any questions or require assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the green chat bubble.

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

Reset your password

You can reset your password in 3 simple steps: Step 1 - Go to the Login page and click "Forgot Password" Step 2 - Enter your Foodzilla email address Enter the same email address you use with your Foodzilla account and press "Send Password Reset Link". An email will be sent to you with the password reset link. This link is time-sensitive and will expire after 30 minutes, so please make sure to check your email promptly after requesting the password reset link. Step 3 - Open the link and set a new password Once you receive the email, click on the "reset your password" link. Here's a screenshot of what the email will look like: The link will redirect you to our website (platform.foodzilla.io) to create a new password. Choose your membership type and a new password then click on "Change Password". Here's a screenshot of what the Reset Password form looks like: Membership Types: - Mobile App User: choose this if you're a mobile app user and not a nutrition coach. - Nutritionist/Dietitian/Coach: choose this if you're a nutrition coach. Finally once completed, you will be redirected to the login page where you can log in with your email and new password. That's it, you made it, well done! Once you log in, you will see a refreshed look and a much faster platform. ☝️ Note: If multiple reset emails are sent to you, only the link in the most recent one will work. If you're having trouble finding that one, delete all the "password reset" emails from your inbox and follow the above steps one final time, and then click the link in that email! As always, click on the green chat bubble at the bottom if you need any assistance with your account and our team will help you asap.

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

Zapier Integration - Connect Your Apps with Foodzilla

What is Zapier Integration? Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Trainerize, Practice Better, Stripe, Dropbox, and more than 6,000 others. You can automate repetitive tasks with workflows known as Zaps, creating a more efficient work environment. Essentially, it connects your favorite apps, integrates them, and automates specific parts of your workflow. Watch this 5-minute video below to learn how to connect Foodzilla to other apps via Zapier (such as Trainerize). In this video, we show you how to send meal plans from Foodzilla to your Trainerize clients. To get started integrating Foodzilla with other apps on Zapier, go to Integrations from the left menu and enable Zapier, once that's done, you will get an API Key to use with Zapier to create your automation tasks. Visit this link to see what's possible. Note: Zapier Integration is only available on Pro and Team plans. How Does it Work? 1. Create a Zap: A "Zap" is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over. It consists of a "Trigger" and an "Action". A Trigger is an event in an app that starts the Zap. Once set up, the process is automated. 2. Select Apps: Choose the apps you wish to integrate. Zapier supports thousands of apps, from CRM tools, to email marketing platforms, social media sites, and more. 3. Define the Workflow: Determine what information is shared between your apps. For example, you can set up a Zap to automatically add new email subscribers to your CRM system. 4. Automation: After setting up, Zapier will run the Zaps automatically, sharing data between your apps and performing set tasks without manual input, saving you time and reducing errors. Use Cases in Foodzilla Let's delve into Foodzilla's specific triggers and actions and their potential use cases: Foodzilla's Triggers: 1. Client Added: Activates when a new client is added to Foodzilla. - Use Case: Whenever a new client is added to Foodzilla, you can automatically sync this information to your CRM or email marketing tool to send a welcome email. 2. Meal Plan PDF Link Created: Triggers when a Meal Plan PDF link is generated on Foodzilla. - Use Case: Once a meal plan PDF link is generated, Zapier can send an automated email to the client with the link attached, or perhaps save the PDF to a designated folder in your cloud storage. 3. Receive a Chat Message: Initiates when a chat message is received on Foodzilla. - Use Case: When you get a chat message from a client on Foodzilla, you can set up a notification to be sent to your mobile device or even create a task in your task management tool to follow up. Foodzilla's Actions: 1. Add Client: This action allows for a new client to be added to Foodzilla automatically. - Use Case: If you gather client details through an online form or another platform, once the form is submitted, Zapier can automatically add this client to Foodzilla. 2. Archive Client: This enables you to archive a client within Foodzilla. - Use Case: After a specific period of inactivity or completion of a program, you can automate the archiving of clients in Foodzilla to declutter the active client list. 3. Invite Client Without Registration: This action sends an invitation to a client without requiring them to register. - Use Case: If you want to quickly onboard a client without having them go through the complete registration process, once their details are added to another platform (like a CRM), Zapier can trigger an invitation to them from Foodzilla. 4. Send a Chat Message: This allows you to automate the sending of chat messages. - Use Case: Suppose you've set up a calendar app to remind you of client milestones (e.g., completing a 30-day challenge). Once that milestone is achieved, Zapier can auto-generate a congratulatory chat message to the client from you. Maximize Efficiency with Zapier By integrating Foodzilla with Zapier, you streamline and automate your workflow. - Efficiency: Automation of repetitive tasks between different apps. - Time-Saving: Reduces the manual effort and time spent transferring data between apps. - Easy Setup: No coding skills are required to set up Zaps. - Versatility: Connects to a wide array of apps and web tools, making it versatile for various tasks and industries. With the power of Zapier, Foodzilla becomes an even more integrated and efficient tool for nutrition professionals, to simplify their workflows, reduce manual tasks, and ultimately provide a more seamless and efficient service to your clients.

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024