Setup your profile

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

You can update your details and upload your profile picture from the "Profile" tab. Seeing your face may help your clients feel more comfortable communicating online :)

You can also access your profile by clicking your name at the top left corner, and then clicking on "Profile". In this menu, you can access resources such as Video Tutorials and How-To Guides. At the bottom, you can see the software version you're currently running and when it was last updated by the Foodzilla team.

You are able to update the following details:

  • Your company name

  • Your full name

  • Country

  • Display Picture

  • City

You're also able to see your subscription details and update your subscription plan or cancel it. Furthermore, your billing details page also allows you to update your card details and access your invoices.

Upload your picture

You can either use a generic male/female avatar or upload your own picture. This will be reflected in the web platform and in the mobile app for your clients. Your clients will feel more comfortable seeing your face in the app when communicating with you.

To upload a custom photo, click on the photo icon (the one on the right), otherwise, click on any other avatar to choose it.

Note: You are not able to update the email address.

Once you save your changes, the updated profile will be reflected in the Foodzilla platform and in the mobile app for all your clients. Your profile picture will be shown in the chat section of the mobile app as shown below.

If you have any questions or need help, contact us at any time by clicking on the green chat bubble.

Set your preferences

Set your preferred units such as kilojoules instead of calories, imperial units (lb, feet, in) instead of metric (kg, cm), your preferred day for the start of the week (Sun, Mon, Tue...etc), your preferred RDI source (uk, us, nz, au), and your preferred default food composition database (us, uk, nz, au).

To do that, go to your Profile page and then click on Preferences.

After that, select your preferred units and click on "Update Profile".