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How to Apply Discount Codes

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

Discount codes can be applied from your billing details page as well as manually by our customer support staff.

Billing Page

You can access your billing page from your profile.

  • Go to your profile page either from the left menu or the user menu at the top

  • Click "Manage your subscription & card details"

After that, you will see your billing page with your current plan and card details

From here, you can update your plan and apply discount codes. To do that:

  • Click on "Update Plan"

  • Choose the plan you want to update to

  • Add the discount code in the "Add promotion code" field

Adding Discount Codes to an Existing Subscription

Discounts are usually only applicable to new customers. If you have a paid subscription and you would like to apply a discount code without changing your plan period or plan type, you must contact support to apply the discount for you. In the future, we will allow you to do that yourself as well.

Some discount codes can only be applied before a specific time deadline (for example, holiday season discounts) while other discount codes only apply to specific plans or products.