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🍏4.4 Better Grocery List & Safari Support

Last updated on Apr 22, 2024

Thank you for using Foodzilla. In this update, we added new capabilities to make your life easier, such as grocery list improvements, Safari browser support, AI capabilities, and more...

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What's New in Platform v4.4

  • 🎀 Improved Grocery Lists. Grocery lists are now saved relative to the selected meal plan or template week. This drastically improves the editing experience of grocery lists and makes syncing the grocery list with the mobile app possible (coming soon in our mobile app update).

  • 😍 Smarter Grocery Lists. You can now auto-generate Grocery Lists using Foodzilla AI and see the result streamed back to you in real time.

  • 🌠 Improved Clients' Mobile App. Grocery lists for meal plans are now synced to the mobile app and we've added a dedicated tab for messaging. We've also made several improvements to recipe search, file downloads, app performance, and other fixes. Ask your clients to update to the latest version 10.7.0.

  • 🍏 Safari Support. We've added the Safari browser back to our supported browsers as we've noticed many of you love using Safari on your Mac. This is possible because we've re-implemented how our file storage engine works.

  • 5x Faster PDF Generation. Generating meal plans and template PDFs is now 5x faster than before thanks to our file storage engine improvements. On average, it now takes less than 5 seconds to generate a PDF (it used to be 25-30 seconds). Foodzilla is the fastest Meal Plan PDF generator in the market right now.

  • 🥳 Improved AI Capabilities. We've updated our AI models to make them faster than before and provide more features to make recipe creation easier (and more fun).

  • 🫶 Better Ingredient Display. We've listened to your feedback regarding how ingredients are displayed for your clients inside recipes and grocery lists. In this update, we now display the name of the ingredient first, followed by the quantity and unit of measure in brackets.

  • Infrastructure Upgrades. We've upgraded our servers and improved the speed of retrieving files, images, and recipes. As a result, the platform (and mobile app soon) should feel faster than before.

  • 🤑 Friends Program. We've added a new affiliate program that pays you a 20% commission every month for all paying customers you refer as long as they are subscribed. To join, log in to your Foodzilla account, then go to Profile -> "Affiliate Program" -> "Join".

  • 🍬 Other UI improvements and fixes are left for you to discover.

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