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🥝 3.18 Grocery List Editing & 500k+ Branded Foods

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024

Thank you for using Foodzilla. In this update, we added a few highly requested features for you: Editing of generated grocery lists in the meal planner and searching branded foods. You can now easily edit the generated grocery list and find branded foods from over 500,000 foods directly from our database.

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What's New in Platform v3.18.0

  • 🍉 Editing Grocery Lists. You now have full control over the generated grocery list. You can edit the items, remove them, change the food group they belong to, rename food groups, and more. Once you're done editing, just save the meal plan as usual and print them out.

  • 🍋 New Branded Foods Database. We've added over 500,000 branded foods to our database (USDA April 2023 snapshot). Just select the "Branded Foods" database and start typing to find your favorite branded foods.

  • 🤑 Earn Passive Income. We've added a new affiliate program that pays you a 20% commission every month for all paying customers you refer as long as they are subscribed. To join, login to your Foodzilla account, then go to Profile -> "Earn" -> "Join".

  • 🥝 New Food Search Experience. We have re-implemented our food search based on your feedback. Finding foods and ingredients is now easier than ever. No matter how you type it, we will find the most relevant items for you. Our new search handles typos and does a full-text search so you don't need to be specific when searching anymore. For example, typing "scrambked eggs" will still return "scrambled eggs" and typing "grilled fish" will return "fish, grilled" and "grilled fish".

  • 🥧 Hide Day Names and Dates in Plan PDFs. You can now export meal plan pdfs and hide the day names (Monday, Tuesday, etc...) as well as the dates. This is useful if you want to give your clients the flexibility to eat their meals without being too specific about the days or the weeks.

  • Hide Repeated Recipes or Snacks. Sometimes, you just want your client to have the same snack or meal every day through the week but you don't want it to be repeated in the pdf export. Now you can do just that via the PDF Settings.

  • 🍣 25 New High Protein Recipes. We've added 25 High-Protein recipes based on your feedback. These are very useful when auto-generating high-protein meal plans.

  • 🫶 Help Center Improvements. We've updated our help center to make it easier to use and find the How-To articles you're looking for.

  • Better Performance. We've made several improvements to make the web platform faster to load and use.

  • 🍬 Other UI improvements and fixes are left for you to discover.

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