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🧀 3.15 100+ New Dietitian-Approved Recipes

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024

Thank you for using Foodzilla. In this update, we added new recipes to our dietitian-approved recipe database as well as improve the existing ones by making them simpler so that busy clients can enjoy them too. Plus, we added new filters for generating plans such as Soy-Free, Sugar-Conscious, Celery-Free, and more!

To get the latest update, just refresh the page (or force a page to reload).

What's New in Platform v3.15.0

  • 🥝 Generate Plans based on Macros. You can now generate a meal plan or template based on macronutrient values or percentages. We've also removed the calorie limitation so you can generate high-calorie plans easily (no limits!). You can now also auto-generate from within an existing meal plan or template.

  • 🥧 More Meal Plan Generation Filters. You can now auto-generate plans that are Soy-Free, Sugar-Conscious, Celery-Free, and more.

  • 🍣 100+ New Recipes. We've added 100+ new dietitian-approved recipes to our database that are ready to use with your clients and tagged with the appropriate diet labels making them easy to find and use when auto-generating meal plans.

  • Auto-Suggest Diet Tags. You can now auto-generate diet labels/tags for your recipes by just clicking one button! This will be very useful in our next update where you would be able to filter your own recipes using tags as well as use them to auto-generate meal plans using your own recipes!

  • 💎 PDF Settings Improvements. We've simplified printing a meal plan to require fewer clicks and make it easier to use.

  • Better Performance. We've made several improvements to make the web platform faster to load and use.

  • 🍬 Other UI improvements and fixes are left for you to discover.

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