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🍉 3.14 Macro-Based Meal Planning & Food Pictures

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024

Thank you for using Foodzilla. In this update, we've introduced the popular macro-based meal planning feature, along with additional user experience enhancements for both web and mobile platforms. Plus, enjoy new meal plan templates like the Mediterranean Diet and more!

automated meal plan settings

To get the latest update, just refresh the page (or force a page to reload):

What's New in Platform v3.14 & Mobile App 9.5

  • 🥝 Generate Plans based on Macros. You can now generate a meal plan or template based on macronutrient values or percentages. We've also removed the calorie limitation so you can generate high-calorie plans easily (no limits!). You can now also auto-generate from within an existing meal plan or template.

  • 🥧 Food Pictures. You can now add pictures (or generate them) to ingredients and foods in your meal plans (including custom foods).

  • 🔁 Repeat Meal Plans. We've made several improvements to repeating meal plans so you can now choose to repeat a group of recipes across days/weeks in a meal plan.

  • 🍣 New Meal Plan Templates. We've added highly requested meal plans such as the Mediterranean Diet and a Very-Low Sodium Diet.

  • Smarter Grocery Lists. We've made more improvements to grocery shopping lists resulting in better categorization for both the web and mobile apps.

  • 💎 Custom Servings for Grocery Lists. We've added the ability to specify a custom serving size per recipe/food in a meal plan when generating grocery lists in the mobile app for clients. This feature is coming soon to the web platform.

  • Better Performance. We've made several improvements to make the web platform faster to load and use.

  • 🍬 Other UI improvements and fixes are left for you to discover.

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