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⚡ 3.12 One-Click Meal Planning & Carb Cycling Plan

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024

In this update, we re-implemented how generating meal plans work based on your feedback and you can now generate a meal plan based on nutrition/diet requirements in one second. Literally.

We've also added some highly requested features such as unit preferences, PDF password encryption, client notes, and more.

To get the latest update, just refresh the page (or hard reload):

What's New in Platform v3.12

  • Generate Meal Plans in 1 Second. We've completely redone how generating meal plans work and now you can auto-generate meal plans in one click which literally takes one second or less. The meals suggested are also healthier and with higher-quality photos than ever before.

  • 💎 System Preferences. You can now set your preferences such as energy unit (kcal, or kj), measurement system (metric or imperial), preferred food database, and preferred RDI source.

  • 🍣 New Meal Plan Templates. We've finally added the highly requested carb cycling meal plan template. This plan alternates between high-carb days and low-carb days. We've also added a high-iron meal plan template.

  • 📝 Shareable Client Notes. Your clients can now create notes and share them with you as of version 9.3 of the mobile app. You can now also share notes and files with your clients. For example, your clients can now enter their allergies and food intolerances as shareable notes with you or any other data you want to collect from them.

  • 🥧 PDF Brand Color. When generating PDFs, you can select your brand color as the accent color in addition to the other available colors.

  • 🛡️ Encrypted PDFs. Now, you can password-protect your PDF so that only those with the password can access the content. You can enable this feature for both recipe and meal plan PDFs.

  • 🎀 Mobile App Improvements. We've added several improvements around logging meals and foods, searching foods, scanning products, better handling for timezones, and showing metric vs imperial units based on location.

  • 🔔 Email Notifications. For our pro and team plan subscribers, you will now also receive an email if a client sends you a message (as of version 9.3 of the mobile app).

  • 🍬 Other UI improvements and fixes are left for you to discover.

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