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🍄 3.8 New PDF Customisations & Automated Cooking Steps

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024

First of all, Happy Holidays and hope you had a good break.

In this week's update, we've added another highly requested feature: PDF Customisations. You can now select a beautiful cover photo and highlight colors. We've also made printing a PDF 12x faster than before. To get the latest update, just refresh the page (or hard reload):

What's New in Platform v3.8

  • 🍳 PDF Customisations. Easily customise the look and feel of your meal plan PDF or recipe PDF by choosing a cover photo and colors.

  • 🔍 Faster PDF Generation. Generating a PDF is now 12 times faster than before. We've rewritten the pdf generation stack and it is now much more performant. It can print 12 pages per second (compared to 1 page per second).

  • 💎 Automated Cooking Steps. Generated meal plans now also have cooking steps included automatically. You also have the option of re-generating the cooking steps if you prefer or adding your own ones.

  • 🍉 1-Click Recipe Collecting. We've made adding a recipe from our database to your collection easy as. If you see a recipe you like while searching, click on it and then click the "Add to Collection" button. You also have the option to edit the recipe before adding it to your collection (same as before)

  • 🍇 Meal Plan App Customisation. We've added the ability to show/hide the meal plan tab in the mobile app for clients. The meal plan tab is now shown by default to your clients (even if there is no meal plan assigned to them). You have the option to hide/disable this feature from the App Customisations tab.

  • 💚 Lifetime Cliniko Discount. If you're a Cliniko customer, you will be pleased to know that you can apply a 10% discount to your subscription.

  • 🍬 Other UI improvements and fixes are left for you to discover.

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