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Why Is Safari Not Supported?

Last updated on Apr 09, 2024

Foodzilla supports modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported because they lack an important functionality called Private File Caching which is used in Foodzilla to cache data securely on your device.

Why does Foodzilla use "Private File Caching"?

Foodzilla stores all files (images, PDFs, docs, etc.) in a secure cloud storage where public access is denied. Foodzilla doesn't even allow temporary access via a public URL. Furthermore, even if someone knows the URL for a file, they can't access it directly. This security feature is very hard to engineer and Foodzilla is one of the few systems in the market that can do this.

Access must be done securely and privately via our products (Foodzilla Platform and Foodzilla Mobile App). Web browsers out of the box only support caching for publicly available files. This means caching private assets such as the above becomes tricky and can only be done via the modern browsers mentioned above that support the private file caching feature.

Fun Fact

If you right-click on a recipe image and choose "copy address", you will notice that you won't get an address. This indicates your file is stored privately in our system.

Why is caching private files important?

As a coach using our system, caching enables you to avoid having to contact our servers every time you request the same file. For example, let's say private file caching is not available in your browser and you create a recipe called "Chicken Salad", every time you open or edit this recipe, we would have to request the image of this recipe from our servers. As you can see, this becomes an issue if there are hundreds or thousands of recipes in the system. It will slow everything down and will also give you a poor experience when using our system.

Can I still use Safari?

The simple answer is Yes but with a degraded experience.

We recommend you switch to Chrome or Firefox as soon as possible for the best experience as some features will just not work well in Safari and the experience will be much slower for the reasons outlined above. We understand this may be inconvenient for you at the moment but know that by using Chrome or Firefox, you are reducing your internet bandwidth, having better security, and improving the speed of the platform.

Will You Support Safari in the Future?

We will support Safari in the future if it adds the "private file caching" feature that our platform relies on for secure data caching.