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Where Does the Nutrition Data Comes From

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

The nutrition information always comes from publicly available Food Composition databases (authored by the Ministry of Health or equivalent) or from food manufacturers.

National Food Databases

We currently offer data from the following countries:

  • New Zealand (Food Composition DB - FSANZ)

  • United Kingdom (CoFiD)

  • Australia (Food Composition DB - FSANZ)

  • United States (USDA) and Branded Products

The measurement is always set to 100 grams or ml based on whether the food is solid or liquid. For national databases, we only use nutrition data from certified authorities. We also have common measurements such as cup, tablespoon, pinch, handful, floret and whatever measurement that is available from the databases.

Regular people are not allowed to add/change/remove any nutrition data from these databases in our systems. Dietitians and nutrition professionals are able to add their own foods to their own food databases but they can't change any data in the national databases either.


Food Suppliers Databases

We provide the following databases from food suppliers. The data is captured from the manufacturers labels/website to make it easier to find these foods.

These food suppliers' databases are available for your information and provided as-is. The accuracy is not guaranteed because it was not measured by a government or health agency. Refer to the manufacturer's website for more details.

These are the food suppliers databases we provide:

  • The Source Bulk (NZ/AU)

  • GoodFor Whole Foods (NZ)

  • Ceres Organics (NZ/AU)

  • OptiFast (NZ/AU)

Custom Food Databases

Professionals using the Foodzilla platform are also able to create their own foods database. This custom database is only available to you and your clients. You can use these custom foods in your recipes and meal plans.

Contact us If there is a food databases that you would like us to add.