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Can I Change Plans or Cancel

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

Changing Your Plan

You can change plans with the click of a button from your Profile page.

Just go to your profile and "Manage subscription and card details". You can access your profile either from the user menu at the top or from the navigation bar on the left.

**Note 1: If you change your plan during the free trial period, then your account will be immediately upgraded to the chosen plan, your card will be immediately charged and your trial period will end.

**Note 2: If you upgrade or downgrade the plan during your normal billing period (not a free trial period), then your plan will change immediately and you will receive credit or get charged depending on the price of the plan you're changing to.

Go to My Profile

Canceling Your Plan

If you want to cancel, that's easy too, follow the same steps as above. Go to your profile then click on "Manage your subscription & card details" to access your billing details. There are no contracts and we don't lock you into anything.
From your billing details page, you can update or cancel your plan. To cancel, click on "Cancel plan" and your plan will be canceled immediately. You will be logged out of your account.

Please make sure you are absolutely certain that you want to cancel your account.

**Note: During the 10-Day free trial period, you can cancel at any time and your card will not be charged. Once the trial period is over, if you cancel your subscription, your subscription will end immediately. If you need a few days to re-asses or you've made a mistake during the cancellation, please contact support.