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What is an Active Client

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

Depending on your subscription plan, you can have 5 or 10 or 25, 75, or 100 Active Clients per month. We can also customise this limit based on your needs.

What is an Active Client?

It is the number of clients you can actively manage in a month. Being active means the client is registered in our system and you have access to them. When you add clients, their status is easily visible within your dashboard, so you always know how many active clients you're managing in a month.

This is the list of features you can do with active clients:

  • Sending messages from the platform to their Foodzilla mobile app (free of charge)

  • Tracking their food intake, hydration, exercise and nutrition goals progress

  • Assigning meal plans and recipes to them

  • Personalising the mobile app experience

  • Adding notes and files and more...

What happens when you reach the limit of the active client number?

You can contact us to add more clients or to upgrade your plan. Alternatively, you can also archive clients to free up their spots. You can archive clients at any time by clicking the ・・・ button on the client card in the client dashboard.

Once a client is archived, you will not be able to access their data anymore. In order to unarchive and regain access, you have to invite them again from the client dashboard. Once the invite is sent, the client must accept your invitation from the Foodzilla mobile app to record their consent in allowing you access to their data again. This procedure is required to comply with privacy laws.

If you wish to know which subscription plan suits you the most, please visit our pricing page here.