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Can a Client Have Multiple Meal Plans

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

Yes*. Meal plans are calendar based so there is always a beginning and end date for a specific meal plan. However, you are able to assign multiple meal plans to the same client. Let's take a look at an example to explain this further.

*Note: Only the first meal plan is synced to your client's mobile app. If your client creates their own meal plan via the mobile app, then their meal plan is the one that will be synced instead of your first meal plan. You can still create more than one meal plan for them and share them via email or PDFs.

Let's say you have a client and you want them to go on a "Dairy Free" diet for a couple of weeks and then switch back to their regular "Balanced" diet. To do this, you can two meal plans. The first one is a dairy-free meal plan for two weeks. The second is a balanced meal plan but choose the start date to be after two weeks.

That way, your client will see the dairy-free plan for the first two weeks and after the two weeks have passed, the balanced plan will be shown in the mobile app. You can also export these plans as PDFs if your client doesn't use our mobile app.