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What If My Client is Unable to Use the Mobile App

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

We've got you covered. You are able to add clients to the system even if they are unable to use the mobile app. We understand that some clients prefer not to use a mobile app to do things and would still prefer to use paper or PDFs on their tablets.

Adding Clients without Mobile App Access

To add a client that is not expected to use the mobile app, go to the Clients tab then click on the "Add Client" button, and then choose the "Disabled" option for the Mobile App Access field. This will prevent sending the app instructions email to this client.

Fill in the rest of the details and create the account for this client. Your client will be added to the system and you will be able to start meal planning for them as well as tracking their nutrition.

Exporting Meal Plans as PDFs

Go to the meal plans tab and select your client. After that, create a meal plan for them and once the meal plan is ready to be shared with your client, click on the "PDF" button to open the PDF options panel and export your meal plan as a PDF.

Choose your preferred settings for printing this meal plan then click on "Download" to download the PDF to your computer or "Generate Link" to generate a downloadable web link for this PDF that your client can download.

Analyzing Nutrition By Logging Meals

Logging meals on your client's behalf allows you to analyze their diet and discover missing nutrients or deficiencies in their meals. Let's see how you can do that:

  • Go to the client's dashboard

  • Click on "More Options"

  • Click on "Log Foods"

Then add the ingredients or foods for this meal and click on Log Meal.

Then you will be able to see a breakdown of all the nutrients and nutrition targets for your client in their dashboard as shown below:

You are also able to export this nutrition breakdown by clicking on the "Export as PDF" button.