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Does Foodzilla Send Push Notifications to Clients

Last updated on Apr 09, 2024

Yes, push notifications are supported in the Foodzilla mobile app for clients on both Apple and Android devices. Push notifications are sent to your clients in the following two scenarios:

  1. When you send new messages to your client, they will get notified via a push notification to their device

  2. When you click on "Notify Client App" from the meal planner. A notification is sent to their device that says their meal plan is ready.

If there are other scenarios that you would like to send a push notification for, just let the team know through the chat bubble.


Do I need to do anything to enable Push Notifications?

No, push notifications are already enabled for you. Your client has to have push notifications enabled on their device.

My client is not receiving push notifications, why?

Please check the following to make sure push notifications are enabled on your client's device:

  • Are push notifications enabled for the Foodzilla app on your client's device? You can check this from the device settings.

  • Are push notifications disabled for the device?

  • Is the device on Low Power mode? sometimes push notifications are not delivered to save battery

  • Does the device have internet?

For more troubleshooting tips, visit this page.