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How to Invite a Former Client

Last updated on Apr 09, 2024

Inviting a previously added client to Foodzilla can be done through the "Add Client" page by just entering their email and choosing the invite option instead of the create profile option.

Once that's done, your client will receive an invitation popup in their mobile app and they must accept it before you can access their details again. This is required to comply with privacy laws.

Inviting Previous Clients

  • Go to the Clients page and click on "Add Client"

  • Enter their name and email address

  • Choose "No" for the profile creation question

  • Click on the green Invite button

Once that's done, our system will automatically trigger the invite consent popup in your client's mobile app and send them an email regarding this invitation.

Your client must accept this invitation through our mobile app in order for you to access their details again (and create meal plans or recipes for them) and for them to be connected to you. The invitation popup looks like this: (you client needs to click on "Connect" when the popup is presented.

The invitation consent popup

What if my client didn't receive an invitation?

This is very unlikely to happen because we use the same email service provider as big tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook. However, you can resend the invitation email by clicking on the 3 dots ... on the client card from the Clients page and then choosing the "Resend Invite" option.

What if my client didn't receive the popup invite in the mobile app?

This is also unlikely to happen but your client can try to restart the mobile app. This will request for the invitation popup to be opened again.

What if I still have issues with this?

Please contact our support team (using the chat bubble) and we will take care of this for you.