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Adding Team Members

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

Creating a team is useful for clinics/practices to manage all their team members in one account. You can add new members and remove existing ones. It is also cheaper to pay for one team account instead of having multiple individual accounts.

This feature is only available on the team plan.

Managing a Team

To manage your members, click on the team tab. From this page, you can see all your team members, add new ones, and delete existing ones.

Note: only administrators will have this option available.

The team owner (aka Admin) is the first person who created the account and was not invited by another team member. Owners are able to add contributors or members to the account. Contact us if you would like to change the team owner to another person.

Tip: If there's a need to transfer the Admin role to another team member, simply reach out to us, and we'll assist you in making the transition.

Adding Members

As a team administrator, you can add members to your team and assign their roles. To do that, click on the "Add Member" button and enter their full name and email address. After that, choose wether to add them as an admin or a member.

Once their details are entered, click on "Send Invitation" to confirm. An email will be sent to them with their sign in credentials and the new member status will be set as "Invitation Sent".

Note: new members don't need to create an account, they just need to sign in (using the same email they received the invite on).

They become a "Member" once they accept the invitation by clicking on the link in their email and signing in. Once they sign in the first time, they will see a popup asking them to accept the invitation, it looks like this:

That's it, the new member is now part of the team and can access the team's recipes and templates.

Removing Members

As a team administrator, you can remove unconfirmed members (members who haven't accepted the team invitation) as well as existing members. This is useful if you send an invite to the wrong email address or a team member has left your company.

To do that, go to the Team page and click on the three dots for the member you wish to remove and then choose delete.

Note: this will only remove the member from your team but will not delete their data. If you want to remove their data from our system please contact us.

Changing the Team Admin

Please contact us if you would like to change the team administrator.

Admins Permissions

You are able to have more than one admin per team. As you add a new member to your team, you can set their role to be an admin for the team.

Admins are able to:

  • Invite other team members as well as remove others

  • Share recipes and meal plan templates with team members

  • Access chat history

  • Access the team's clients along with their records, meal plans and nutrition data

  • Re-assign clients to different members (coming soon)

  • Upgrade and downgrade plans

  • Update company details