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Share Recipes and Meal Plans as PDFs

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

1. Generate a Recipe PDF

Go to the "Recipes" tab and select the recipe you would like to generate a PDF for.

Then, click on the "More Options" button and select "Generate PDF".

The preview screen will look something like this:

Finally, click the "Download PDF" button and wait until the PDF is downloaded to your computer!

2. Generate a Meal Plan PDF

Go to the desired meal plan and click on "More Options" and then "Generate PDF".

Then select the start and end dates that you want to generate the PDF for then click the Confirm Dates button.

Then the PDF preview screen will be shown:

You can preview all the pages and click "Download PDF" to start generating the PDF of this meal plan. Wait until the PDF is downloaded on your computer.

You can also create a PDF web link that you can send to your client. To do that, click on "Generate Link" and wait until the process is completed. After that, a blue banner will be shown with the pdf link.

PDF Settings

You can configure the PDF content in the PDF by clicking on the Settings button.

The available settings are:

  • Whether to show the recipe author and website or not

  • Whether to show calorie information or not

  • Whether to show the grocery list

Once you've made your changes, click Done to confirm.

That's it. You can now generate PDFs for your meal plans and recipes. If you want to make the meal plan PDF available to your client's mobile app, follow this article to see how.

If you have any questions or feedback, talk to us by clicking on the green chat bubble.