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Editing Recipes in a Meal Plan

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

Recipes in a meal plan can be modified to match your client's needs without changing the original recipe.

Let's explore how we can do that.

Editing Recipes in a Meal Plan

First, open a meal plan for your client.

Then click on the recipe you want to edit/personalize from the Meals section to open the recipe details popup. After that, click on the "Edit Recipe" button.

TIP** Click on the More Options button and then the Copy to Collection to save a specific recipe you like from any Meal Plans!

This will bring up the Edit Recipe modal where you can edit the details for this recipe in this meal plan. The changes you make will not change the original recipe, only the version of this recipe in your meal plan.

Once we're done, click on Update Recipe and a green banner will show to confirm the recipe change has happened. You will see the changes reflected in your meal plan.

Once you're done, click on the Save Meal Plan button to confirm your changes.

Again, please note the original recipe is unchanged and you can find it in "My Recipes" if you have saved it to your collection before.

Deleting a Recipe in a Meal Plan

To delete a recipe, follow the same steps as above but choose "Delete Recipe" in the "More Options". After that, a confirmation alert will ask you to confirm. Choose "Yes, I am sure" to delete the recipe from this meal plan.

After the recipe is deleted, your meal plan will remove the recipe from that day.

To confirm your changes, you must click on "Save Meal Plan".

Again, we can confirm that the original recipe is not deleted and is still in your collection by going to the Recipes tab and then "My Recipes"