Create Meal Plans

Last updated on Feb 22, 2024

You have three options for creating a meal plan:

  1. Start from Scratch: Build a new meal plan from the ground up to tailor it precisely to your client's needs.

  2. Import from a Template: Import a meal plan from an existing template you've created, or explore our database of evidence-based templates.

  3. Auto-Generate: Let our system automatically generate a meal plan based on your client's specific nutrition needs.

Please Note: To create a meal plan, you must have added at least one client. You can use a "test" client for this purpose, such as yourself, to get started.

Start from Scratch

Now, let's begin crafting your first meal plan from scratch 🎊

  • Go to the "Meal Plans" tab and click on one of your clients

  • After that, click on "New Empty Plan"

  • Fill out the Meal Plan's details

    • Adding Recipes or Food
      Click the "+" symbol on the day you'd like to add a recipe or food.

      1. Adding Recipes

      • Click on the Add Recipe button to open the recipe search popup

      • You have the option to select recipes from "My Recipes", "Dietitian Approved Recipes", "Recipe Database", or "Team Recipes" if you are on a team plan.

        • Once you've finished selecting a recipe, it will appear in your meal plan.

          Pro Tip

          - Make sure the total nutrition of your planner meets the goal of your clients by checking 'Client's Goals'

      2. Adding Foods

      • Click on the Add Food button to open the food search popup

      • Start typing for the food/ingredient name you're looking for, you can select All Databases (Exc. the US) or a specific country's food database from the dropdown menu.

      • To choose a food, click on it and the green check will be displayed

      • When you're done setting the quantity, click the "Add Ingredient" button

        **You can also update the measurement for each food. The default measurement is 100 grams but you can change that and the nutrition will be re-calculated automatically.

        Pro Tip

        • Utilize the copy feature to duplicate the recipe in the meal plan for your selected day and meal type by clicking "・・・" next to the name of the meal.

        After that, all you have to do is to select which day and which meal you wish to repeat the meal for.

Nutrition Calculation

The nutrition for each food and recipe is automatically calculated for you and the total can be seen in the "Nutrition" Section. By clicking it, you can also see the details of it.

Repeating a Plan

Here's how to repeat a plan:

  • Click on "More Options" and then "Repeat Plan"

  • Choose the start and end dates

  • Choose how often it will be repeated.

  • Finally, click on "Confirm"

    For example, W\we will choose our start date to be the 2nd and the end date as the 8th of October 2023 and set the Recurrence to 2 times. Notice we get a green bar in the calendar as an indicator for our selected period and an orange bar as an indicator for our repeating periods.

    The result looks like this:

    You can repeat as many times as you would like and the repeating period can be any number of days.

Importing from a Template

Importing from a template is easy as. You can read this article to see how.