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Create Notes & Share Files

Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

Are you struggling to organise the notes of each client? Do you feel scattered with the disorganised notes across Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and physical notepads?

Foodzilla is here to help! You can store the notes of each of your clients' details so they will never get lost. You can also upload files if necessary (max file size is 100MB).

The notes and files are for you by default but you can share some of the notes with your clients if you wish. See the sharing notes section for more details.

To add notes or files, select a client from the Clients page to see their details then click on More Options and choose Notes & Files...

After that, click on the New Note button.

Fill out the details then click the Save button. Only the "Title" field is required, the rest of the fields are optional. Note that you can also share these notes with your clients by clicking on the "Share with Client" switch.

Now, you will be able to see your notes & files in your client's details.

You can always edit or delete them by clicking the ・・・ button.

Note: deleting a note also deletes the file associated with it.

You can learn more about Foodzilla Client Management from here.

Sharing Notes & Files

Notes are only shared with your client if you specifically choose to share the note by clicking on the Share with Client switch to enable it. Once a note is shared, it will show up in the mobile app for clients. They can then view the note (and files associated with it) and edit it.

Sharing notes is useful if you want to collect data from your clients as well as share specific files with your clients. For example, if you want them to add "their favourite foods" or "food intolerances" or "allergies" etc...

Your clients can also create their private notes via our mobile app.

If you have any questions or suggestions, click the "chat bubble" in the lower left-hand corner!). 💬