If your clients are using the Foodzilla mobile app, then you are able to send them messages in real-time. Messages are sent as push notifications to your clients' phones and they can preview the history of the conversation.

Sending Messages

To send a message, click on the "Chat" tab and then click on your client's name.

After that, type in the message in the text box and press "Send":

Note that you can also send pictures, emojis and links


You can enable web notifications so that you're notified whenever your client sends you a message! Super useful so you respond promptly and never lose a message.

There are two ways of enabling chat notifications:

Notification Prompt

To do this, accept the notifications prompt that shows up after you login.

Manually Enable It In Your Browser

Or you can enable this manually by clicking on the lock icon in your browser and then click on Site Settings, then "Allow" the notifications permission:

Once you allow the notifications permission in your browser, you will receive notifications whenever a client sends you a message.

Notifications will appear like this:

Let us know if you have any questions!

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