When a coach invites a client, an email is sent out automatically to the client's email address with the exact steps to follow. This guide describes these steps in details.

The coach registered you in our system by adding your details and health goals. You received an email notifying you about this and it is up to you now to download our app and login with the email and temporary password provided in the email to connect with your coach.

Once you log in successfully, a notification permission request is presented and you must allow it in order to be able to chat with your coach.

Verifying your coach connection

To verify that you're connected with your coach, go to the profile tab "You" and then to "App Connections", which should say something like this: Synced with Coach Name

2. Invited without registering

Your coach decided to only invite you by email and let you register yourself in our system through our mobile app. This is convenient for coaches because it saves them time from having to add you to our system and gives you the option to choose your goals.

If you were invited this way, the email you receive from us will indicate that you need to register using our mobile app instead of just login directly.

Registering in our mobile app is simple, just follow the instructions in our app by entering your gender, body metrics (age, weight, height), exercise level and your email address. You must use the same email address that the coach invited you with. If you don't, then you won't be able to connect with your coach and would need to logout and re-register again!

Once you're registered, you can follow the steps above to verify your connection to your coach.

Let us know if you have any questions by clicking on the green chat bubble on the right or by email support@fitzilla.io

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