One of our popular features is the ability to create a PDF of your own recipes and meal plans. We see customers using it to create their own cookbooks and to print a customised meal plan for their client.

Printing Recipes

Select the recipe you would like to generate a PDF for, then click on the "Edit Recipe" button and select "Download PDF" and the preview screen will look something like this:

print recipe preview

Finally, click the Download PDF button and wait until the PDF is downloaded to your computer. Here's a sample PDF of the recipe above.

Printing Meal Plans

Select the meal plan you would like to print and then:

  • Click "Edit Meal Plan" and "Download PDF"

  • Select the start and end dates and click Confirm Dates when done

Then the preview screen will be shown:

You can preview all the pages and click "Download PDF" to start generating the PDF of this meal plan. Wait until the PDF is downloaded on your computer.

That's it. Let us know if you have any questions.

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