As a nutrition coach, you're looking to provide healthy meal plans and recipes to your clients. Making this personalised for each client takes a lot of effort and time. With Foodzilla, we want to save you as much time and effort as possible.

Adding recipes to your collection of recipes is the first step in order to create meal plans for your clients. You can do that by either creating your own custom recipes or using existing recipes that we provide and modifying them to suit your needs.

We provide over 100,000 online recipes (which we license from a third party). These recipes include nutrition data, ingredients, photo and a link to the original author. 

The recipes can also be modified to suit your needs. For example, swapping out ingredients, changing the photo and so on. You can find those recipes by going to the "Recipes" tab and then "Recipe Book".

Once you've added some recipes to your collection, you can now start creating meal plans for your clients and meal plan templates for a group of clients (who have similar conditions).

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