All invited and active clients are available in the "Clients" tab.
To see a client details, they must be an active client. Once they are active, just click on their name from the Clients page.

There is a lot of information about our example client (Jane Rose). Let's explain each section as we go.

Summary card

The first section is the client summary card which contains:

  • Client's name and status

  • Client's body information (age, height, weight)

  • Client's goals

  • More actions (Meal Plans, Message, Goals, Log Meal)

Data overview 

The second section is the data overview which contains:

  • A period picker to select the period of data to analyse (day/week/month)

  • All kinds of charts to visualise the nutrition data (depending on the period selected)

  • All meals recorded in the selected period

  • All exercises recorded in the selected period

All of the data is visualised beautifully to help you easily see what your clients data is like and what is missing from their nutrition.

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