Templates let you create reusable meal plans for particular client groups (such as IBS, vegetarian and so on). They can also be customised later to fit the individual's needs.

Let's get started, head over to the Meal Plans tab and click on "Templates"

Note: creating templates is only available to administrators

In this screen, you can see the list of existing templates. To create a new template, click on "Add New Template"

Note: all templates are editable by an administrator

After that, fill in basic details like the template name, choose the period, add recipes to each day in the chosen period and finally click "Save" when you're done.

Note: the period value can be any number between 1 and 89 days

Now let's create a new meal plan by importing it from a template.

Go back to "Meal Plans" and select a client. Then click "Set Meal Plan..." and choose "Use Template"

Select your plan and click "Apply Template"

That's it. Now your meal plan is populated from the Vegetarian template.

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