If you're looking for an ingredient that isn't in our database already, then this tutorial will help you create a new ingredient and use it in a recipe.

To get started, click on the "Ingredients" tab and then on "Create Ingredient".

Note: only administrators have access to this feature

Nutrition Data

You must provide data for the following fields in order to create a new ingredient:

  • Name

  • Energy

  • Fat

  • Carbohydrates

  • Protein


The data must be based off a 100 grams measurement

If that's not the case, then all calculations will be wrong if this ingredient is used in a recipe for example. So please, make sure all the values are based off a 100 gram measurement.

Access Level

All new ingredients created are stored in a separate database collection accessible only to your team and clients. New ingredients will be available in the "Ingredients" tab as well as the "Custom Recipes" page.

For example, after creating a "chicken drums" ingredient, you can find it by searching in the ingredients tab and selecting "your company name" from the database list.

Note: the data in the image above is for demonstration purposes only

Using them in Recipes

When adding ingredients to your custom recipe, select your company name from the ingredient database list and start searching for your new ingredient. Easy as.

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