Creating the perfect recipe for your clients is very important but also time consuming. Using our custom recipes feature, not only you will save time, but also have more fun experimenting with different ingredient combinations.

To get started, go to My Recipes and click on "Create Custom Recipe".

After that, you will get to the main recipe creation interface.

On the left, you are able to upload a recipe photo, ideally what it looks like when cooked. Of course, you can also customize the preparation time, serving size, cooking instructions, ingredients and their quantities.

On the right, you can preview the total nutrition information for this recipe as you add more ingredients and/or adjust their quantities. 

Adding Ingredients

To add ingredients, click on the "Add Ingredient" button.

Type the name of the ingredient in the search field. Our search is almost instant and results appear as you type. Tap on the plus + icon to add the ingredient to your recipe. You can keep adding ingredients, once you're finished, click the "Done" button.

Editing Units and Quantities

The default ingredient measurement unit is grams. This value can be changed to other mass units such as ounces and pounds. However, many food items have more unit options such as cup, tablespoon, fruit and more.  

Some ingredients have units known as a "common measurements". These measurements are provided by the ministry of health (of each country) and represent the common amount for that ingredient in that country (measured in grams).

For example, one cooked omelette with cheese in New Zealand has a common measurement of 78 grams. This kind of measurement is useful because people don't normally measurement how much the eggs weight before cooking them.

Cooking Instructions

We highly recommend adding cooking steps when creating custom recipes and make it as clear and simple as possible.

To start adding cooking steps, click on the "Add Step" button.

If you would like to link to your recipes blog or a website, you can do so in the "Cooking steps website" field. This is an optional field and is not required to create a custom recipe.

Health and Diet Labels

Adding health labels such as High Fiber, High Protein, and others is useful for your clients as a quick summary of what's good about their meal.

You can add diet labels by clicking on the "Add Diet Labels" as well as health labels by clicking on "Add Health Labels".

Once you're done customizing, click the "Create Recipe" button.
Your new recipe will be available in the "My Recipes" tab.

All the recipes you create are only available to you and your clients.

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