Tap on the Ingredients tab and start typing the name of the ingredients you're looking for.

Our search engine is extremely fast, results will appear almost instantly.
Once you spot the ingredient or food you're after, tap on it to see the full nutrition details.

Available Databases

We currently support the NZ (last updated on 1st of July 2019), AU, US, and UK food composition databases.

You can search for ingredients in a specific database by selecting it from the drop-down. For example, searching for Yorkshire pudding will only return results if we select the UK database.

Database Source

We only use the food and ingredients databases provided by the ministry of health of each country. We don't use outsourced data from unknown sources. We only use data provided by trusted authorities such as the Ministry of Health. We are continuously looking to add more databases to our product. Let us know if you have any suggestions.


Nutrition information is based on a 100g/ml editable portions. This is the standard measurement for all foods in the databases we will be adding in the future as well.

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