There are two ways to create a meal plan:

  1. Creating a new one from scratch
  2. Importing one from an existing template

Creating a meal plan from scratch

To create a new meal plan, there are two requirements:

  1. You must have recipes added to your recipe collection. The "My Recipes" section must not be empty
  2. You must have added at least one client. This can be a "test" client such as yourself.

Now let's create our first meal plan.
Go to the "Meal Plans" tab and click on one of your clients.

After that, click on "Set Meal Plan..." and choose "New Meal Plan".

Meal Planner

From here, you can enter details about this meal plan such as Name, Notes, Recurrence, and Recipes.

In the calendar view below, you can click on a day and add recipes to it by clicking on "Add Recipes".

For example, to create a one week meal plan, starting from Monday 23rd to the 30th. You can click on each day and add recipes to it. Once you're done, click on Save Meal Plan.

To make this example plan repeat every week, click on "Set Recurrence" and choose the start and end dates and how often it will be repeated.
Finally click on "Apply Recurrence".

We will choose our start date to be 23rd and end date as 29th of March and set the Recurrence to 1 time. Notice we get a green bar in the calendar as an indicator for our selected period and an orange bar as an indicator to our repeating periods.

The result looks like this:

Notice how the recipes from 23-29th have been repeated for another week because we chose to only repeat it once. You can repeat as many times as you would like and the repeating period can be any number of days. 

Now just click on "Save Meal Plan" and the meal plan will be saved and sent to your client immediately.

Importing from a template

Importing from a template is easy as.
When you click on "Set Meal Plan", choose the "Use Template" option.

Then choose the start date and the template to use and click "Apply Template"

After that, you will see the meal planner with all the recipes populated from the template. You can edit them and set recurrence as per the steps above (Meal Planner section).

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