You can add new clients by clicking on the "Add Client" button from the Clients page.

After that, you can choose to invite a client and let them self register or register the client yourself. An email will be sent to this client automatically in both scenarios. If you are just testing things out, use your own personal email instead.

You can choose to register the client yourself (on their behalf).
This mode is useful for clients who may not wish to use a mobile app or those that would like you to do it on their behalf.

To do that, fill in all of the required fields.

Once you're done, click on "Create Profile"

Now the client is registered in our system and you can see their details and create meal plans for them. Your clients don't need to create an account in our mobile app anymore, they can just directly login with the same email used in this registration form.

Once they login to the mobile app, their data will be synced to you. Meals and exercises they log using the app will show up in your dashboard almost instantly.

2. Client invitation without entering details (self-register)

Use this mode if you don't know the client details to fully register them or the client may want to do the registration themselves.

First, fill in the client's Name and Email Address. Then select "No" for creating a user profile and press on "Send Invitation".

An invitation will be sent to their email to download our mobile app (for iPhone/iPad and Android). They can then self register themselves to our system and confirm your association with them.

Note that, if the client does not register, then you will not be able to see their details or create meal plans for them. If you'd like to do that, then you must register the client yourself. See "Client Registration" section above for more details.

You can see the status of clients in the clients' dashboard.
For example, after you invite a client, the status will be "Invitation Sent". Once they install the mobile app and register (using the same email you invited them with), the status will change to "Active".


  • If your client doesn't receive the email invitation, tell them to visit our app website: to download the app.

  • If you are still having issues seeing your client details, try refreshing the browser by pressing on SHIFT key and clicking on the refresh button in your preferred browser.

  • Finally, if you're still experiencing issues, please send us a message describing the issue by clicking the green chat button on the right.

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